Static IP, DHCP, and Me...

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Wed Feb 2 14:39:02 MST 2005

In RH-based distros, just add a DHCP_HOSTNAME variable to your 

Bryan Sant wrote:
> I have a static IP from my ISP.  The IP must be acquired via DHCP or I
> can't even ping the default gateway.  The firewall/gateway and DHCP
> server must be in kahoots.
> I had a Gentoo server that was getting the static IP with dhcpcd.  I
> formatted that box and put CentOS 3.4 on that server.  Now when I try
> to get my IP via DHCP I get a temporary IP rather than my assigned IP.
>  Obviously the MAC address on my NIC hasn't changed.  Why wouldn't the
> DHCP server identify my MAC and give me my static IP?  I've heard that
> some DHCP clients (Windows?) use a "client ID" rather than the MAC
> address to identify themselves to the DHCP server.  I'm thinking that
> this is what dhcpcd was doing when I was running Gentoo.  I'm using
> ISC's dhclient with CentOS now.
> Is my hunch correct?  Do I need to configure my DHCP client to send a
> client ID instead of my MAC (how do I do that with dhclient?).  Has
> anyone else seen this problem?
> TIA,
> -Bryan
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