Static IP, DHCP, and Me...

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at
Wed Feb 2 14:28:45 MST 2005

I have a static IP from my ISP.  The IP must be acquired via DHCP or I
can't even ping the default gateway.  The firewall/gateway and DHCP
server must be in kahoots.

I had a Gentoo server that was getting the static IP with dhcpcd.  I
formatted that box and put CentOS 3.4 on that server.  Now when I try
to get my IP via DHCP I get a temporary IP rather than my assigned IP.
 Obviously the MAC address on my NIC hasn't changed.  Why wouldn't the
DHCP server identify my MAC and give me my static IP?  I've heard that
some DHCP clients (Windows?) use a "client ID" rather than the MAC
address to identify themselves to the DHCP server.  I'm thinking that
this is what dhcpcd was doing when I was running Gentoo.  I'm using
ISC's dhclient with CentOS now.

Is my hunch correct?  Do I need to configure my DHCP client to send a
client ID instead of my MAC (how do I do that with dhclient?).  Has
anyone else seen this problem?


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