Mac vs. PC? Oh Please. (WAS: Re: OT: CompUSA Collecting personal information / Is this a trend?)

Grant Robinson santiago at
Wed Feb 2 09:39:06 MST 2005

On Feb 02, 2005, at 9:14 AM, Eric Jensen wrote:

> Good idea, how about a transition to Emacs vs. Vim?  Or Mac vs. PC?  
> Either of those can distract us geeks from any topic, really. ;)

Mac vs. PC?  Oh please.  As if that is any sort of a question.  It is 
of course, Mac.  And to back it up, here is a quote:

"... since any reasonable person would choose a Mac over a PC, Apple's 
market share does provide us with an accurate reading of the percentage 
of reasonable people in our society." - Roger Ebert

/Grant ducks as the flame war begins

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