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Tue Feb 1 22:09:47 MST 2005

On Tue, Feb 01, 2005 at 09:41:15PM -0700, Art Pollard wrote:
> >I do not know of a culture or religion where one  considers drinking 
> >alcohol during a formal dinner a true core value, something they believe 
> >came to them in a revelation from God, something that has been at the core 
> >of their religion, something that they believe has made their families and 
> >communities strong and protected them from harm, something they would do 
> >even when threatened with torture or death.

hopefully someone who knows more about this will chime in and make sure
that i'm not completely wrong...  

If I remember correctly, there are Jewish festivals and such that
require the drinking of wine.  In addition, I know that in some
Christian religions, wine is used in a sense similar to the water in the
sacrament.  I believe that these two examples might fit the stipulations
that you list above.

Now, I agree with you that alcoholic beverages do cause harm to society,
but I would add that this happens primarily when it is drinken

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