plug server changes

Kyle Robinson thinnestline at
Tue Feb 1 13:04:18 MST 2005

I was getting plug in digest most on this account.  Do you think that 
changing the name broke that too?  Now I've got a load of plug in my inbox.

sjansen at wrote:

>Some of you have probably noticed that hans changed the name of the
>pluglist. This had repercussions for more than just a couple of people's
>procmail filters. I think I've fixed most of the mailman Web issues.
>Although I plan on tweaking some stuff later. Unfortunately, the old
>plug archive hasn't yet been imported. This should be done Real Soon
>/me nudges hans
>As we transition to the new server, there's sure to be more bumps along
>the way. Please report any problems and we'll try to fix them as quick
>as voluntarily possible.
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