OT: CompUSA Collecting personal information / Is this a trend?

Adam Peterson adamp at xmission.com
Tue Feb 1 12:46:43 MST 2005

And did you know that unless you specifically said to not allow it when 
you registered your car, people can look up your license plate number on 
the DMV's website and find out who you are?  *Everything* is public 
record.  I could easily go and see which banks you took out mortgages 
with, along with when and how much, among other things.


>Call me naive but I didn't know a building permit for an amateur doing
>simple remodeling on his own house was public information. I felt really
>violated by the city.
>I jump on the 'net and find several companies who scour these building
>permit records and sell them to construction companies.
>Today I started receiving spam on my mail from several different
>companies, from garage door sellers to bath tub installation people.
>Anyone know what could I do about this with the city? I don't think this
>should be public information.
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