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Tue Feb 1 12:14:28 MST 2005

On Sat, 29 Jan 2005 08:16:34 -0600, Matthew Frederico
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> Interesting observation .. I already did pay 2 designers to build it.
> I have already had several large companies purchase a software license
> as the site stands.  And I even had one tell me that IT looked more
> organized than a competitors... Let me ask you Josh ... and everybody
> else out there .. what about it looks ... One man show'ish?

I'm replying before reading anyone else's opinions ...

First, the trend I've noticed is a lot of rounded corners ... square
corners tends to indicate amateurish design for some reason.

Second, too much information on the main page.  It feels like a high
pressure sale.  Put the features list on another page, move the news
section into it's own column.  Limit the news column to the last few
items and put a link to all your news items on a separate page.

On a personal note, the way the menu links popup jar for me (coming up
from the bottom right corner).  It would make more sense to me to have
it drop from above.  But that's just a personal observation, not a
professional one. :]

> > spend a few hundred bucks on a website design, get an 800 number and a
> > virtual receptionist.  get some of that corporate thing going, it'll pay off
> > in spades.
> I thought 800 numbers were dead and that direct-lines were the way to
> go?  I guess I've been misinformed?
> Josh, you're obviously doing well for yourself so I will graciously
> consider any advice.
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