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Art Pollard pollarda at lextek.com
Tue Feb 1 11:55:30 MST 2005

>Really don't want to get into a religion debate, as those can get pretty 
>crazy.  I'm born and raised Utah LDS myself, but I know a few ethnic 
>families and it's interesting to see how their values and heritage is 
>effected by these situations.  All they really want to do is have a bit of 
>wine with their dinner.  Not alcoholics, or lushes.  Don't go around 
>urinating on their nieghbor's bushes, drive drunk, or throw wild 
>parties.  They just like a more formal dinner, as has been tradition.
>Interesting how one group see's a store carrying wine as a direct attack 
>on their values and disrespectfull and the other group see's a store that 
>refuses to sell them as an attack on their values.

I find it interesting that in one of the most conservative (as in 
Republican) counties in the country that people want to use GOVERNMENT to 
solve their problems in this way.  We live in a free market economy -- not 
a socialized economy or some sort of collectivist system.  This allows us 
to have freedom and liberty.  Part of having freedom and liberty is 
allowing people to do things with which we may disagree.  If we do not, it 
will not be long before we find ourselves on the receiving end -- with the 
things that WE know and love being outlawed because some other larger group 
finds that something we enjoy irritating.  I am sure we all enjoy things 
that others may like to outlaw or limit.  Things such as :

* Fast food
* Meat
* Driving
* Hiking / camping (there are areas already that if you light a campfire, 
it is a felony)
* Shooting
* Off road driving
* Private medical care
* Private property
* etc.

God gave us our liberty and our freedom.  We are not puppets on a string 
(that we know of anyway).  I have a hard time believing that God created 
all men equal and with liberty and freedom and free choice -- only to 
require us to turn over that freedom, liberty, and choice to the man made 
institution of government.  While government is required to have society, 
it should be used to limit the friction we may have as individuals acting 
within society rather than using it to impose a specific set of rules on 
one group or another with which we may disagree.


Art Pollard
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