OT: CompUSA Collecting personal information / Is this a trend?

Eric Jensen eric at emstraffic.com
Tue Feb 1 11:36:55 MST 2005

Sasha Pachev wrote:

> > Meh, they also sell country music, which I hate very much.  But I'll
> > still go there to buy my precious Goldfishes.  I'd never leave the 
> house
> > if I stopped shopping at every store that out of thousands of products,
> > carried something I didn't approve of.
> Eric:
> There difference between "don't like" and "consider morally wrong, 
> unethical, harmful to the community, and/or blatantly and purposefully 
> disrespectful of the local religion, values, and heritage". Even if I 
> had never joined the LDS Church in Russia, and had come here still 
> remaining an outsider to it, I would still do my best to not support 
> the businesses that do not give a hoot to the impact of their products 
> on the community and have absolutely no respect for the local religion 
> and values.
Really don't want to get into a religion debate, as those can get pretty 
crazy.  I'm born and raised Utah LDS myself, but I know a few ethnic 
families and it's interesting to see how their values and heritage is 
effected by these situations.  All they really want to do is have a bit 
of wine with their dinner.  Not alcoholics, or lushes.  Don't go around 
urinating on their nieghbor's bushes, drive drunk, or throw wild 
parties.  They just like a more formal dinner, as has been tradition.  
Interesting how one group see's a store carrying wine as a direct attack 
on their values and disrespectfull and the other group see's a store 
that refuses to sell them as an attack on their values.


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