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Scott Jackman scott.jackman at gmail.com
Tue Feb 1 11:00:04 MST 2005

Day's market on canyon road is all that:  not open on sundays.  sells
no alcohol nor booze.  and their prices are a little high.

On Mon, 31 Jan 2005 20:12:15 -0700, Sasha Pachev <sasha at surveyz.com> wrote:
>  > Dan's on Canyon Road in Provo would be my choice! Unfortunately, that
>  > is too far to go for milk, as I live in Lehi.
> You mean they are not open on Sunday and do not sell alcohol?
> How about tobacco, coffee, and tea?
> If I could find a grocery store that is Word of Wisdom and Sabbath day
> compliant, I would shop there even if the prices were double, and I had to drive
> quite a bit of a distance to get there. If you know any, please do not keep it a
> secret...
> I shop quite a bit at Good Earth (they have a store in East Bay and in Orem at
> about 400 S and State) that is almost there - they fail on green tea and I
> believe I have seen coffee there before. However their near compliance is not
> worth too many points to me. They are a health food store, and you would hope at
> least a health food store would be Word of Wisdom compliant. ( I have always
> wondered why Americans have health food stores vs regular ones, and why they
> would eat something that they call junk food :-) ).
> On the positive side, however, Good Earth bananas have been $0.39 a pound for
> the last few months, and that is the best price for bananas I've seen short of
> Costco's $0.33 (Michael Torrie is probably giggling reading the banana part if
> he has good memory) .
> And if anybody could find a Word of Wisdom compliant gas station, you get 10^100
> bonus points :-) And they would get all of my local gas money, too.
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