OT: CompUSA Collecting personal information / Is this a trend?

Jayce^ jason at infogenix.com
Tue Feb 1 10:34:48 MST 2005

On Monday 31 January 2005 08:26 pm, Roberto Mello wrote:
> Call me naive but I didn't know a building permit for an amateur doing
> simple remodeling on his own house was public information.

Yes, any form of license/permit issued by the city/county/state is a matter of 
public record.  Don't feel betrayed, as they are required by law to do it. 
The same information laws benefit us in many ways, allowing us to see a lot 
of what the government does, and attempting to keep 'shady deals' from 
happening. Ever since it became digital, it's been big business to scour it 
for leads.  In your case, building contracting.

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