Help For Independent Developers (LONG response)

Alan Young alansyoungiii at
Sat Dec 31 17:53:14 MST 2005

> you on many points, especially the 3 click stopwatch.  I have yet to wrap my
> brain around a method for shortening this.  It will come to me in time I am

I don't think you can get away from the 3 click limit without
flattening your display entirely (i.e., showing *all* data at once)
but that would clutter your page too much and hinder usage.

Since you are using AJAX I think you could make the perception better.
 Treat the levels of information like a collapsible menu.

E.g.; clicking on the client immediately displays a list of all jobs
(since the data is already client side there is no wait time), and
clicking a job immediately displays a list of all tasks (again, all
data is client side so no wait time).

Each task would have a stopwatch icon that could be clicked (with some
kind of eye candy indicating status; rotating second hand, live timer,
etc.) to toggle status.

You still have the 3 click minimum, but now it's just a matter of
changing the display so the perception of time isn't adding to the
having to click so many times.  Additionally, you could automatically
expand the currently active tasks.

This is all off the cuff, so there may be issues I haven't taken into

Ideally, what *I* would like would be a client side application that I
could put on my own back-end (nothing against php--well, yeah there
is, but that's another thread. :> ).

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