Software for Starving Students v2006.01 is Out!

Jordan Gunderson jordy at
Sat Dec 31 06:56:46 MST 2005

The new versions of SSS are out:

For those Uugers and Pluggers, etc, who were on the SSS developers list
but might have fallen off when SoftwareFor switched servers a couple
of times, the new dev list is here:

Sign up if your interested in helping. We also do some chatting at #sf.

A more readable, link-friendly version of this release announcement
is available at:

---------------- Full Announcement Text ----------------

***Software for Starving Students (SSS) v. 2006.01 is now released***
New versions of the Software for Starving Students (SSS) CD are now
available via BitTorrent. If you have a BitTorrent client, you can
download the latest versions for Windows or Mac here:

If you don't have a BitTorrent client, you may want to try Azureus.
Or, if you need help downloading the CD and burning it to disk, we
will have step-by-step instructions on in a few days.

**What is SSS?**
The Software for Starving Students CD enhances the Windows and Mac
desktop computing experiences by providing an easy way to install
free, high-quality software titles via a user-friendly interface. It
includes popular open source programs like Firefox and OpenOffice,
intended to help students learn about and benefit from open source and
free software programs. The SSS team put all the most commonly used
free programs onto one CD to make it easier for students to install
useful software (including fully-featured office suites, 3D graphic
editors and much more) for free. To preview the new SSS interface,
check out some screenshots of the latest release:

**New packages with this version**
This version includes many programs not available in previous
versions. These include Azureus, Juice, DeepBurner Free, Inkscape,
Paint.Net, VUPlayer, winLame, NVU, EAC (Exact Audio Copy), Spybot
Search & Destroy, and Wink. A full list of included packages is
available at:

**Why do you do this?**
We created the SSS CD because we love open source software and want to
help make it more accessible to students all around the world.
Although all students need good software to be successful, many have a
hard time getting it on student budgets. We empathize with them
because we've felt that pinch ourselves. This software enables
students to achieve more for less, and that inspires us. People all
over the world are using free software to make their lives better.

After all of these years of mooching off of great volunteer
programmers, this is our little way of saying thanks. By providing a
tool that makes their great free software more accessible to
software-hungry students from Boston to Bangalore, we feel we've given
a little back to the free software community and to students all over
the world. We are proud and happy to do so.

**How can I help?**
*Share SSS with a friend*
Unlike some of the other software programs you have, you are free to
make copies of these programs, or even the whole disc, and give them
away to anyone you like -- in fact, we encourage you to share! We hope
you enjoy this software, and if you do, chances are your friends will
too. So burn away!

*Set us up on your campus*
SSS is starting a program to distribute these disks at help desks and
computer labs in K-12 schools, colleges, and universities all over the
country. We'd also like to place small boxes of free CDs in college
dormitories, restaurants, and theaters that receive heavy student
traffic. If you can help by being a liaison at your school or anywhere
else please email distribution at

*Spread the word*
If you enjoy using the SSS CD, share your experience with your local
user groups or post about it on your blog. This a community,
volunteer-based effort, so any help you can give is especially
appreciated. Even if you can just post some pre-made fliers around
town, that would be helpful. Just email marketing at and
we'll send you the files.

*Make a donation*
We could use some financial help to copy CDs and distribute them in
the mail. We also spend money on hosting and the hardware needed to
run our website. Unfortunately, those things aren't free!! We spend a
lot of our own money for the cause, so if you like our free product
and can ease our financial burden a little that would be very helpful.
To make a donation please visit:

*Sign up on the development team*
We're looking for volunteer contributors who can assist in:
    o LAMP development
    o NSIS development
    o OS X interface/.dmg development
    o Graphics and Artwork
    o Translation and Documenting
    o Recording of software demos for distributions
    o Software package evaluation and submission for inclusion
    o Publicity, Marketing, and Sponsorship
    o Distribution (including CD mailings and BitTorrent seeding)
    o Interested parties should contact admin at

**How is this free?**
These programs are free to copy and distribute because they were made
by volunteers in the open source and free software community and
released under the GPL or a similar license. In some cases where there
was no GPL compliant program sufficient to fill an important student
function, some copyrighted programs were included with the explicit
permission of copyright holders. This was allowed to maximize
students' benefit from using the SSS CD. For a great CD that uses
exclusively open sourced or GPL-compliant software, try a similar
project at For more information on what open source and
free software is, please visit: and

If you really want to learn more or become involved with free software
in your community, contact a Linux Users Group near you:

**Thank You**
Thanks again to all of our contributors for making this new release 

Don't forget to get your copy at:

We'd love to hear from you at feedback at if you want to 
let us know what you think.

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