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Mister E Mister.Ed at AgoraCart.com
Fri Dec 30 17:02:17 MST 2005

Hans Fugal wrote:
> Mister E wrote:
>> NOTE: If you can get through my *designed to frustrate English majors 
>> on purpose email communication style*, then you must have grit worth 
>> considering, within a wide range of purposes and/or levels of interface.
> You must realize that you annoy or frustrate not only English majors, 
> but the majority of hackers. Hackers tend to be very meticulous about 
> language (you have to be to spend your life writing programs in computer 
> languages with strict syntax), and therefore bad grammar and spelling 
> grates on us. Some more than others, and some tolerate it more than 
> others (hence the grammar nazi flamewars).
> But you must do what you think is best, of course.

I'm back from my quasi vacation. Hence the delay in responding to this 
thread, in which I usually just ignore all the bull crap you see in such 
posts.  I don't mean to direct this at you personally Hans per se, but 
instead at the content of the various flames and comments based on my 
post.  But I'm sure that the intent will be lost at some point, much 
like my post.

I'm Sorry. I should have added a little more to those comments for 
better understanding as to why I poke fun of correct language useage. 
The English major jest started as just that, a jest.  When I was dating 
my wife, I pulled the redneck routine for fun, more so than normal 
whenever I wrote any kind of note to her.  She took it all in stride. 
Thereafter, it became a bit more natural for me to use the style in 
informal circles.  I've also used "it" over the years in such things as 
emails and other areas, such as this list.  My moniker is "Mister Ed", 
so the shoe fits, so to say.

In regards to offending or annoying the majority of hackers, I don't see 
any basis for this argument outside of a few members of the local 
technical talent pool. I've been hanging with hackers, and tracking 
cracker bad boys, for over 25 years world wide (geezz, maybe that makes 
me a hacker too?  I seemed to have been sneered at as being someone 
outside that category). I've never had an issue fitting in as "being 
myself" until I recently joined PLUG this last summer.  I see this type 
of comment as nothing more than an excuse for a few people in this group 
to be intoloerant, arrogant and condescending.  Hackers tend to be 
non-conformers that think outside the box and/or look for ways to 
improve a technical situation, whatever aspects that situation might entail.

My post was an offer of an opportunity for folks that want
additional experience in programming without a huge hassle found with 
obtaining a formal job (though I did extend formal positions in some 
cases). Another target for the post could have been those that just 
wanted to contribute to and/or improve our humble OSS project. However, 
it turned into a thread containing some lame excuses for a few select 
individuals to treat me like some sort of inferior person.  I'm sure if 
I had rattled off about having multiple degrees from top edu 
institutions and maybe done a bit more company name dropping (companies 
I've worked for), maybe I'd get some "wow factor" generated on my behalf 
(don't really care to nor do I need it personally though, so I haven't 
done so).  I have dealings that extend into fields and professions that 
require (somewhat) that I keep a lower public profile, so I'd prefer not 
to post my resume publicly in order impress a few select people that 
don't deserve such consideration, especially after the three fiascos 
I've encountered while posting to this group in the past 6 months.

Additionally, I don't subscribe to the idear of acting like I'm a
borg-like programmer residing in a massive sea of bland looking 
cubicles, nor to the showing off of academic prowess in an informal 
setting such as this.  Personally. I prefer to keep my acedemic thesis 
writ limited to those papers I submit to professors and acedemic 
journals during my "tours of duty" that I embark upon from time to 
time... ie when I collect another hanging dust collector for my wall 
(official paper thingy indicating I'm edjew-mah-kated and smarter than 
my twin brother named bubbagum).

Despite all this, and do not get me wrong from the above comments, I do 
enjoy reading the advice and posts from most of the people on this list. 
  There are too many people to list that I like (probably 96% of ya'all 
- this includes you Hans), as I'd most likely leave a few out by 
accident.  I also like going to the meetings when I am able to attend. 
This is the main reason I haven't left PLUG and gone back into the 
woodwork from whence I came, like some folks have done the past few 
months.  So ... to those that can handle 3-12 redneck words in my posts, 
thanks! To those in between, I can look at toning it down... maybe.  BUT 
to those that are full of negativity and/or flame me or other peeps 
nearly every single time they post ... get real, get a clue and lose the 
lemming suit (or maybe just lose the condescending, arrogant and 
intolerant attributes, and that will be a very good start - for those 
that have such a problem).

Mister Ed ... of course ... of course!

PS - For those that expressed an interest in helping out on our humble 
OSS project, many thanks.  If considering to contribute, please do.  And 
finally, if ya got lost in the translation, sorry it didn't work out.

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