Graphing packet loss

Dave dave at
Fri Dec 30 11:26:05 MST 2005

I say just call your dads Wisp, he can login to the AP and tell what 
singnal level you are connected at.  He can also tell you what to ping.

The "gateway" is just a name for every router between you and the final 
destination. So your Wisps gateway looks like ( maybe, and look 
for packet loss more then 50ms delay and more then 1% packet loss to 
that IP.  If you first couple hops are over 50ms, unless you are on a 
satelite link, that seems kind of high.

You cant change the channel of your CPE. Your CPE asks your wisp's AP 
for the channel. You can ask your wisp to try another channel

CPE is what you call the Client's equipment.

Dont worry about Fast TCP v3. Here is a better google search something 
like introduction to tcp, or tcp networking.

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