Graphing packet loss

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Fri Dec 30 10:43:50 MST 2005

On Thu, 29 Dec 2005 at 20:27 -0700, Dave wrote:
> You might find out an IP address to the Access point  he connects to. 
> Then you can ping the Access point, also ping someplace a few hops 
> beyond his ISP.  If you can ping the AP and loose packets at the ISP 
> level, the ISP is over provisioned. If you loose packets at to the AP it 
> could be a signal issue.  If he in using 2.4 spectrum, the problem is 
> almost for sure Digis noise pollution. Digis has ruined the 2.4 spectrum 
> here in the Utah with all their illegal signal levels.

Unfortunately the ISP's AP doesn't respond to ping, however the next hop
in a traceroute, which is likely their router, shows the packet loss.

No digis out here in Vernal. In fact, the only 802.11* signal I pick up
outside with my laptop is my dad's linksys, so perhaps it's not 2.4 (or
perhaps the gain is relatively low and requires a better antenna). I
don't know about illegal signal strength, but I do know that just about
anywhere in Utah valley I can pick up a couple of digis signals with my

I'll give smokeping and the papers Halcrow recommended a try.

Welcome back, Josh.

Hans Fugal ;
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