*** January PLUG meeting - ECLIPSE ***

Justin Findlay jfindlay at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 23:22:09 MST 2005

On 12/29/05, Stuart Jansen <sjansen at buscaluz.org> wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-12-29 at 19:20 -0700, Wade Preston Shearer wrote:
> > Yes, I saw the subject. The body said "this month" however. How was I
> > to trust one more than the other?
> This close to the end of the month? Especially after the usual meeting
> date has passed? I see how it could be confusing.

Still, in the emphatic literal sense, he's right.  Therefore, Bryan
has implemented a dual state duality which implicitly heretofore gives
me the authority to rename the plug meeting the quantum entanglement
meeting unless somebody accidentally collapses the meeting equation.


Wir müssen wissen. Wir werden wissen.

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