Graphing packet loss

Hans Fugal hans at
Thu Dec 29 17:11:18 MST 2005

My dad is having serious come-and-go packet loss issues with his ISP (a
Vernal local wireless setup). I'd like to give him some leverage with
some nice cacti graphs of packet loss, but I'm having a hard time
pinning down precisely what to graph.

The following is an excerpt of /proc/net/snmp:

Tcp: RtoAlgorithm RtoMin RtoMax MaxConn ActiveOpens PassiveOpens AttemptFails EstabResets CurrEstab InSegs OutSegs RetransSegs InErrs OutRsts

Would any of those directly measure packet loss? If not, might some of
the stats in /proc/net/tcp (or anywhere else) have the information
(which I could then get into SNMP easy enough).

It'd be really nice if I could tell on the router what kind of packet
loss is happening, but I'm not sure you can do that, and since the
subnet is a whole two computers that's not a big issue.

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