Squid on the blink.

Gabriel Gunderson gabe at gundy.org
Thu Dec 29 16:56:43 MST 2005

Bryan Sant wrote:
> How often does this happen?  Often enough that you could realistically
> dump things with tcpdump or ethreal and analyze what's really
> happening?  Could a user run firefox for a day or two and see if the
> problem is IE specific?  Firefox has a plugin called "Live HTTP
> Headers" (search for it on google) that will show you all HTTP
> requests and responses -- this may be less messy than a full traffic
> dump; I belive IE has something similar.

It happens often.  Dumping it might be a little difficult because you 
never know *when* it will happen - very random.

I will have to check out the Live HTTP Headers.  Firefox sure has a 
sweet bag of tricks.

> If iptables or something else is getting in the way, the dumps should
> show you this.

iptables is pretty wide open.

Thanks for your feedback.


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