Low power cpu with 4 pci slots...

Mitch Anderson mitch at metauser.net
Thu Dec 29 15:43:54 MST 2005

As I've been using my newly built MythTV box and the declining cost of
disk space I've been wanting to build a storage server.  I'm not sure if
what I'm thinking makes scene so I thought I'd ask people more learned
than I about power consumption.  My thought was with a media server
(stuffed in a remote location in my house) running all the time, and
with the PVR cards doing 99% of the recording overhead, would it be cost
effective to get a low power processor, something along the lines of
Via's or AMD's Geode?  Then all I can find are mini-ITX boards for them,
and they have maybe one or two pci slots, which wouldn't work well for a
backend only mythtv box....

So, I guess my question is: Am I nuts for wanting an ITX board/proc with
~4 pci slots for PVR and the HD3000 card(s)?   Am I going to save that
much in power usage to make it worth while or is it minimal?  I am
planning to have 4 hard drives with it, and would like to get the OS on
flash... if that makes a difference....

Thanks for any pointers, even if its I'm nuts...


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