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Roberto Mello rmello at
Thu Dec 29 13:39:59 MST 2005

On Thu, Dec 29, 2005 at 01:57:58PM -0500, Matthew Frederico wrote:
> - Links should look like links, not like regular text. Don't make ask
> >   myself "I wonder if that's a link".
> Can you be more specific where this was confusing at?

Your links don't look like links. To find out if they are links, I have to
hover the mouse over them, IIRC. It's as if the buttons in a desktop 
application didn't look like buttons. Instead you'd just see a "Yes"
somewhere on the screen and only when you hovered over the "Yes" it'd show
the typical button form.

>   Case in point: I couldn't figure out where you edited the rate. There
> >   was no clear link "Edit rate", just the rate box. When I clicked on it,
> >   nothing changed, but I could edit it. I wasn't sure if I had to push
> >   something  to make the update "stick". So I typed (by accident) "5443"
> >   and that automagically changed the rate to "5443.00" per hour, but I
> >   didn't know that until I refreshed the page.
> Hmm.. its supposed to update it everywhere (via ajax) .. I'll double-check
> that one.

It _does_ update, but it didn't tell me it updated. 

> - A "Date" should be a date and look like a date, not a timestamp. Dates
> >   don't have time.
> I thought work dates are supposed to be timestamp-ish, we are counting hours
> / minutes here.  What did you have in mind?

Right. Then shouldn't the label say "Date and Time" instead of "Date"? 
> Thanks Roberto, I appreciate your time and critique.

No problem.


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