Setting up email for domain users?

Wade Preston Shearer lists at
Wed Dec 28 16:35:05 MST 2005

> I'm using Sendmail on a Gentoo box.
> Mail from my Drupal installation seems to get where it's got to get
> ok, but I've never figured out the whole POP or IMAP thing without
> giving every single person an account.

Excuse me. I must correct myself. I do create each user as a standard  
unix user, _but_ I do not give them a standard home dir or a shell.  
For each domain, I create a directory, like thus…


…and then create a "home" directory inside there…


…and then each user's home within there…


So, the create command would be:

sudo /usr/sbin/adduser -d /sites/example/home/username/ -s /bin/false  
-c "John Doe" jdoe_example

This gives them the ability to have mail and a standard unix password  
and leaves /home/ with only admins (people with shell access).
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