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Sat Dec 24 15:14:29 MST 2005

Merry Christmas to Everyone @ Plug.org

On 12/24/05, Hans Fugal <hans at fugal.net> wrote:
> Mister E wrote:
> > NOTE: If you can get through my *designed to frustrate English majors on
> > purpose email communication style*, then you must have grit worth
> > considering, within a wide range of purposes and/or levels of interface.
> You must realize that you annoy or frustrate not only English majors,
> but the majority of hackers. Hackers tend to be very meticulous about
> language (you have to be to spend your life writing programs in computer
> languages with strict syntax), and therefore bad grammar and spelling
> grates on us. Some more than others, and some tolerate it more than
> others (hence the grammar nazi flamewars).
> But you must do what you think is best, of course.
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