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On Thu, Dec 22, 2005 at 09:34:48PM -0700, Steve wrote:
> You mean like this?

Respectfully, no.

In spite of your explanation further down in the thread, this may be
an excellent example of setting up infrastructure for programmers, but
it it not what I would look for in sample code.

What I look for as a hiring manager is some sample code: a short,
understandable program or stand-alone snippet. I want to see your
design in the program, I want to see how you name variables, and how
you comment your code. I want to be able to understand your code by
looking at it.

Contributions to OSS projects are welcome on a resume, and I look for
them as a hiring manager. But, because other people also contribute to
OSS projects, it can be difficult to identify the characteristics I'm
looking for in such a contribution.

Contributions to OSS projects tell me that you can write code that
other people are wiling to accept into their projects. It may
(depending on the project) tell me if you can follow someone else's
coding style and naming conventions. These are useful things to know,
but they don't tell me what a sample of code you wrote will tell me.

If you have a professional web page, it doesn't hurt to put samples on
it. Emacs users should look at htmlize.el to colorize sample
code. Every once in a while I get a "thank you!" for some of the
programs I have on my web page.


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