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Mister E Mister.Ed at AgoraCart.com
Fri Dec 23 11:42:00 MST 2005

Michael Halcrow wrote:
> Anybody can create a SourceForge project. Not everybody can get his
> code in the Linux kernel. Employers who know something about OSS can
> generally discern the relative value of your contribution. When I was
> interviewing for my current job, the 30 lines of code that I got into
> MPlayer meant more than the thousands of lines of code that I wrote
> for my own pet OSS projects.

This sorta made a light go on fer me, so I'm branching off from this 
thread ...

For those looking for a project to get programming experience or a job 
ref ...

Our open source e-commerce project was started precisely the same 
raeson: as a resume project to help get a job.  But after the project 
grew by a few thousand percent in useage during 2001 & 2002, I ended up 
concentrating on it more than looking for a job.

So, if I might make the offer, anyone looking for such experience in 
PERL (and eventually RoR as well), I'll be glad to get them involved in 
our OSS shopping cart with over 500,000 users, and at a core level. 
Typically most programmers looking to expand their experience and career 
path, that are willing to work hard for the little time the put in, will 
end up receiving a monthly stipend or even some sort of salary if they 
desire a part-time position on the side (aka a real-live job ref, if 
needed).  I'd much rather give someone local the opportunity than folks 
that approach us from California, Florida or the Northeastern states.

If yer willing to learn PERL, have minimal experience, or you just want 
to help out, give me a holler.

Mister Ed

Mister.Ed *at* AgoraCartDOTcom

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