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On Thu, Dec 22, 2005 at 08:39:40PM -0800, Jonathan Ellis wrote:
> I would say that contributing to someone else's project looks better
> than starting your own (unless yours is one of the few that attracts
> dozens of developers) since that says that not only are you
> motivated to keep learning, but that the project leads thought your
> code was good enough to merge.

Anybody can create a SourceForge project. Not everybody can get his
code in the Linux kernel. Employers who know something about OSS can
generally discern the relative value of your contribution. When I was
interviewing for my current job, the 30 lines of code that I got into
MPlayer meant more than the thousands of lines of code that I wrote
for my own pet OSS projects.

Pick a major project -- Mozilla, OpenOffice, etc. -- and get a cool
feature merged in. OpenOffice in particular has lots of low-hanging

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