Michael Torrie torriem at chem.byu.edu
Thu Dec 22 16:40:31 MST 2005

Kelley Terry wrote
> The pricing is great.  I'm signed to get MStar/Utopia installed this Tuesday.  I'm
> opting for a limited package with internet with a 2 gig monthly cap and standard
> phone service (long distance on a $.04/min. basis) at $42 + $5 tax =$47/mo.  That

2 GB a month, eh.  That's a show-stopper for me.  I have been monitoring 
my bandwidth and between me and my one neighbor, we're hitting 4 GB a 
day.  Of course part of that is I am maintaining a Fedora Core Apt/Yum 
repository mirror. that resyncs several hundred megabytes every night.

Even with a modem I know I've hit hundreds of megs a month before.  So 2 
GB isn't really that much at all.

> will average about $3 more per month than I currently pay for Qwest phone and
> 56k dialup internet.  Before I commit to a year contract to get the free install I'd
> like to know more about the phone service reliability.  Any comments from anyone
> with experience with MStar/Utopia would be greatly appreciated.  I still have until
> Friday to back out of the install.  Veracity won't be announcing any limited service
> packages until next month.  Right now they're offering $70/mo. unlimited phone
> and internet package.

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