Gateway E-1400?

Grant Shipley gshipley at
Wed Dec 21 06:38:01 MST 2005

This reminds of threads I saw back in the late 90's when I first
joined the PLUG list.

Linux is at a point now to where it will work with almost any off the
shelf computer.  I don't think you will have any problems at all
getting a basic linux system up.  You might see problems with the
specific network card that you are trying to use and will need to
research that a bit.


On 12/21/05, Michael Huston <mike at> wrote:
> My original box had a hardware malfunction, and I need to replace it,
> but haven't gotten around to it. Right now, there's a Gateway E-1400
> that I want to dual-boot with linux and windows 98, but cannot find any
> information on this model. I have tried booting into Ubuntu or however
> that's spelled, with no luck. I manage to load everything and get a
> graphical login screen for a split second, but then it crashes the
> graphical login and pops up a message that it has crashed and will try
> again in 15 seconds or some such.
> I have googled it, searched etc, but haven't found
> anything about getting linux on this box. Does anyone know if this is
> possible? Does anyone know if there's a distro that I can load that
> will support a netgear wg311v2 without any messy driver compiling, as
> well as not crash when trying to load the GUI on a gateway e-1400?
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