Distributed filesystems

Shane Hathaway shane at hathawaymix.org
Sat Dec 17 01:06:55 MST 2005

Joel Finlinson wrote:
>        You've got too many pointed-haired-bosses at your employer? 
> They think that your company is smarter or more important than MIT? 
> More mission-critical than NASA?  Good grief!  www.coraid.com has a
> pretty darn impressively list of highly recommended customers.  I
> wouldn't mind having my company associated with those on their
> list.......

Indeed.  But to my bosses, Coraid looks like an ant ready to be squished 
because Coraid has a low employee count.  They prefer IBM, HP, EMC, 
NetApp, etc. because the big guys can't be killed off as easily.  I can 
see the logic, because we'll have to live with our solution for a long time.

But they fail to understand the power and longevity of open systems. 
AFAICT Coraid's systems are 100% open, both hardware and software, so 
we'd always have an upgrade path regardless of the fate of any vendor. 
For a lot of business folks, that's a totally different way of thinking.


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