Fedora Core 5 Test 1 Was: Re: suse question

Dan Hanks hanksdc at plug.org
Fri Dec 16 09:55:31 MST 2005

On Wed, 14 Dec 2005, Andrew McNabb wrote:

> I think it's a horrible ``lose.''  Redhat has done a terrible job with
> SE Linux, and is giving everyone a sour taste about it.  It's the
> default, but it's not easily configurable, and the documentation is
> poor.  When people have random problems, it takes them hours to track
> them down to SE Linux, especially since Redhat hasn't provided any good
> troubleshooting documentation.  If Redhat wants SE Linux to become an
> everyday swear word, they should just keep trudging down their current
> path.

To be fair, I'm curious to know if there are there any distros out there 
that have done any better than Fedora Core in making an SELinux-capable distro
available out of the box?

I think the direction the Fedora project is taking with SELinux is 
admirable. If people don't want to use it all they really have to know 
about is the {get,set}enforce commands and /etc/sysconfig/selinux. If they 
do want to use it I'd recommend O'Reilly's book on SELinux.

-- Dan

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