Linux compatible digital camera recommendations?

Michael Halcrow mike at
Wed Dec 14 18:53:36 MST 2005

On Sun, Dec 11, 2005 at 11:12:06PM -0700, Dave Smith wrote:
> I'm looking for a digital camera this Christmas, and it needs to be
> Linux compatible. My only requirement in addition to "takes descent
> pictures" is that it also takes descent video. Can anyone recommend
> one?

When I was shopping for a camera, several people told me that the
Olympus is a decent camera for Linux. I bought a 3.2-megapixel D-540
Zoom about a year ago, and it works (mounts via usb-storage). Just a
few weeks ago I upgraded to an Olympus SP-310 (7.1-megapixel). Both
cameras take reasonable video. Both mount like USB pen drives via

Um.... while we're on the subject, anyone want to buy a slightly used
Olympus D-540 Zoom? $90+shipping. Linux compatible. Haven't even
opened the software bundle. ;-)

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