Anti virus suggestion?

Tyler Strickland tyler at
Wed Dec 14 18:32:41 MST 2005

On 12/14/2005 04:37 PM, Kenneth Burgener wrote:
> I have a Postfix mail server that needs to have an anti-virus solution. 
>      All of the clients machines are running Windows so they are 
> susceptible to all of the email viruses going around.
> What would you suggest that would incorporate best with my current setup:
>     - Debian Sarge 3.1 Stable
>     - Linux 2.4.27 kernel
>     - postfix
>     - courier-pop
>     - spamassassin

I use clamav + amavisd-new in a similar setup - Debian Testing, postfix, 
courier, spamassassin. I would recommend downloading the latest 
amavisd-new, though - the one in Debian is pretty old.

If you have any questions on getting them talking, feel free to ask - 
I've got them setup quite happily at the moment.


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