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Matthew Ross Walker matt at
Wed Dec 14 10:23:57 MST 2005

Stuart Jansen wrote:
> In an effort to learn more about SUSE and change my general opinion of
> it, I have decided to force myself to use SUSE as my primary distro for
> at least one month. (Given inertia after fully configuring a system,
> probably longer if I can survive at least two weeks.)
> So far things aren't going well. I'll spare you all the reasons SUSE is
> driving me crazy, but there's at least one big one I need resolved if
> I'm going to stick with this long term:
> Does anyone know of an online repository I can use to install software,
> preferably using yast? (Or whatever the SUSE community considers the
> equivalent of yum/up2date and apt-get/aptitude.) Expecting me to have
> the CDs ever time I want to install something is crazy. I've been poking
> around for a day now, and so far I haven't been able to find a simple
> online repository of SUSE 10.0 rpms.

Just to chime in late, I used to be a SUSE fan, but I left it behind
years ago. Maybe it's improved some of it's flaws since then, but the
problems with managing config files and RPM hell were my main to reasons
for leaving. I love my Gentoo boxen, and as long as I don't do anything
stupid, they love me back.

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