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Steve smorrey at
Tue Dec 13 01:34:24 MST 2005

I'm distro hopping too darn much.
Gentoo, SuSE, ELive, SuSE, Gentoo, BSD, Solaris, Ubuntu.

Of all of them I think I like Ubuntu the least, although I'm not sure why.
I guess I'm just still looking for that green grass everyone keeps
talking about ;)

On 12/12/05, Barry Roberts <blr at> wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 12, 2005 at 10:08:24AM -0700, Stuart Jansen wrote:
> > In an effort to learn more about SUSE and change my general opinion of
> > it, I have decided to force myself to use SUSE as my primary distro for
> > at least one month. (Given inertia after fully configuring a system,
> > probably longer if I can survive at least two weeks.)
> I hear 'ya.  I've put OpenSuSE 10.0 on my laptop at work to see if I
> can stand it.
> > So far things aren't going well. I'll spare you all the reasons SUSE is
> > driving me crazy, but there's at least one big one I need resolved if
> > I'm going to stick with this long term:
> >
> > Does anyone know of an online repository I can use to install software,
> > preferably using yast? (Or whatever the SUSE community considers the
> > equivalent of yum/up2date and apt-get/aptitude.) Expecting me to have
> > the CDs ever time I want to install something is crazy. I've been poking
> > around for a day now, and so far I haven't been able to find a simple
> > online repository of SUSE 10.0 rpms.
> Only I could never get to work from behind
> the firewall at work.  http:// worked, though.
> Barry
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