Linux compatible digital camera recommendations?

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Mon Dec 12 13:28:14 MST 2005

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Dave Smith wrote:
> I'm looking for a digital camera this Christmas, and it needs to be Linux
> compatible. My only requirement in addition to "takes descent pictures" is
> that it also takes descent video. Can anyone recommend one?

For Christmas we just upgraded to a Canon SD-500.  My last camera was a
Sony, which while it had decent pictures, was rather slow.  We wanted a
small form factor, with excellent speed and great optics.  It's a 7.1
MP, with easy, good options for fiddling with things like the ISO,
without *too* much detail (not pro at all here, just want some options),
does 640x480 avi video.  With the current batch of small cameras, this
came up as the best, just beating out the nikon 7900.  Most any camera
nowadays really isn't a problem unless you are doing some special RAW
processing, and then you'd be a lot more finiky about your camera than
your OS.  Still, for any camera you look at, check it out on
[1]dpreview, which has about the best writeups on the web for cameras.
They obviously lean towards the high end, but use that knowledge on
lower end stuff too.


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