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Mon Dec 12 12:06:17 MST 2005

On Mon, 2005-12-12 at 11:59 -0700, Shane Hathaway wrote:
> All 6 CDs consume 4 GB, which is only 1% of a desktop drive these days, 
> so I assume your drive is smaller than that.

It's possible that Stuart is installing numerous distros simultaneously
using vmware or xen.  In such cases, a 4-10gb disk image is very common.

> For us, getting the OpenSUSE ISOs and update RPMs from the net takes 
> less time and effort than wading through Novell's portal to find 
> official enterprise SUSE updates.  I would expect the RPMs to be 99% 
> compatible between OpenSUSE and SUSE, but in my experience, the 
> remaining 1% of differences between distributions eats hours and days of 
> sysadmin time, so I wouldn't even mix OpenSUSE and SUSE.

This does illustrate a huge deficiency on Novell's part, though.  I mean
if they really want to sell SuSE as a product, they need to make sure it
is at least as easy to use as OpenSuSE.


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