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On Mon, 2005-12-12 at 11:26 -0700, Bart Whiteley wrote: 
> What is too complicated about entering bugs?

In the past, to register a bug with SUSE you had to be a paying customer
and even then, the information available was limited. Novell partially
opened the bug database allowing anyone to register for an account. The
last time I tried doing so, I finally quit in frustration because Novell
wanted too much information (only stopping short of demanding a blood
sample). I contacted the listed administrator to explain why the
majority of the Linux community would consider this offensive and a
major obstacle to participation. I was ignored. About a month after
OpenSUSE was announced, I checked again and the situation still hadn't
changed. I am now too disgusted by past experience to try again until
I'm sure I'll actually be using SUSE long enough participate in any
resolution process.

> The URL I gave you came from here:
> Near the bottom: "Internet Installation Repository"
> If you do a network install, YaST is plugged into an oline repository "out of
> the box", just like you want it.

I was going to add a link to the wiki in a location I would have
expected to find it, and discovered something interesting. Equivalent
information is also available at:
Somehow I appear to have missed it even though I read some of the
neighboring pages while trying to find a solution.

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