suse question

Shane Hathaway shane at
Mon Dec 12 10:20:47 MST 2005

Stuart Jansen wrote:
> Does anyone know of an online repository I can use to install software,
> preferably using yast? (Or whatever the SUSE community considers the
> equivalent of yum/up2date and apt-get/aptitude.) Expecting me to have
> the CDs ever time I want to install something is crazy. I've been poking
> around for a day now, and so far I haven't been able to find a simple
> online repository of SUSE 10.0 rpms.

With any RPM-based distro, I always copy the contents of all of the 
install CDs to the hard drive.  Saves me a lot of time and bandwidth. 
YAST seems to integrate support for doing this, in fact: if you name the 
copied directories "cd1", "cd2", etc., then tell YAST to use the 
directory named "cd1" as a package repository, it will automatically 
find the other CDs in the neighboring directories.

Also, are you using SUSE or OpenSUSE?  Even though I have access to 
licenses for "enterprise" SUSE, I prefer OpenSUSE just because it's 
easier to fetch from the net.  (Novell is doing themselves a huge 
disservice by making the free version easier and more accessible, even 
to customers, than the version that costs money.  Oh well.)


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