Linux compatible digital camera recommendations?

Michael Torrie torriem at
Mon Dec 12 09:15:26 MST 2005

On Sun, 2005-12-11 at 23:17 -0700, Doran Barton wrote:
> Dave Smith wrote:
> > I'm looking for a digital camera this Christmas, and it needs to be Linux
> > compatible. My only requirement in addition to "takes descent pictures" is
> > that it also takes descent video. Can anyone recommend one?
> Descent video? Like... for sky-diving? ;-)
> I don't believe any still camera is going to take good video- not good 
> compared to a good DV camcorder.

I have a Nikon 3700 that does 30 frames a second at 640x480 until the
memory card is full.  Not quite DVD quality, but pretty decent for a
pocket camera.  I use it to shoot up to 10 minutes of aerial video from
my RC airplanes.  I don't think I can quite lift a camcorder.  

> Samsung makes some "hybrid" camcorders that also have still cameras built-in. 
> That might be something to look at.
> As far as cameras go, most new models by Canon, Fuji, Nikon, etc. can be 
> mounted as USB mass storage. If not, you've always got the USB card readers.

A card reader is the way to go.  With a card reader, all cameras are
linux compatible.  Of course some of the more esoteric raw image formats
might not be readable on linux, but most are.

> I'm dying for a Fuji S5200.

Personally if I'm going to go for the heavier, more expensive cameras, I
think I'll just go for the full Canon Digital Rebel or something that's
a real SLR with interchangeable lenses.  Otherwise cameras like the
Nikon 3700, 5900 or the Fujifilm Z1 seem to be the best way to go.  Some
of these pocket-sized cameras that are up to 7 megapixels have excellent

Personally I'm looking for a digital camera with the following
- 640x480 video with no time limit, can zoom while videoing, and can do
autofocus and adjust light parameters while videoing.
- Ability to set the ISO exposure settings, as well as shutter speeds
(needs a sports mode as well as longer-exposure landscape modes).
- Rapid shutter mode where I can have it take pictures every so many
seconds (say every second) until the memory card is full
- Light-weight, no more than 7 oz, and fairly small package
- 4 megapixels or more, but decent optics

Anyway.  I've found there is no one right digital camera.  That's why I
have three that I use for different things.

Michael Torrie <torriem at>

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