New domain name email problem

Kenneth Burgener kenneth at
Sun Dec 11 01:28:22 MST 2005

Steve wrote:
> Umm you actually need to call comcast on this, they have recently set
> some new spam controls on some servers, and not on others.  Just
> explain to them the situation and they should open this up for you.
> I'm seeing this exact same error 10-20 times per day from customers
> who think their McAfee VS is blocking the email.
> Anyways, this error is coming from Comcast, trying to prevent you from
> Spamming, just in case you're a bot.

Problem solved.  Thanks Gabe!

Gabe worked through the problem with me.  Turned out to be nothing to do 
with Comcast.  I had a bad configuration in my Postfix.  The reason I 
was able to get my manual emails to work were that I am on the same 
network, so Postfix allowed it.  My other domains already had their 
permissions set.  As soon as I set the permission to allow the outside 
world to send to my new domain name everything came through.

Lesson to be learned:  These are the problems that happen when you are 
working at 1:20am in the morning.  Nothing good comes of it.  :-)

Goodnight all.
Thank you.

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