New domain name email problem

Mitch Anderson mitch at
Sun Dec 11 00:53:39 MST 2005

Kenneth Burgener wrote:
> I registered yesterday, for kicks and giggles.  (Every geek 
> needs a 3 letter domain name  :-)
> The problem is I am getting SMTP errors when I try to send any email to 
> my domain name.
> I sent an email from my gmail account, and from my comcast account, both 
> with about the same result.  If I manually telnet to the mail 
> server and send an email it is received fine.  Why would comcast and 
> gmail be stating a "Relay access denied" error?
> Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I could be wrong, but I believe comcast blocks incomming (from outside 
networks) port 25 connections, in an attempt to prevent spam, and rogue 
machines from becomming open relaying spam machines.  I can telnet to 
your box, but would explain why your comcast(their mail servers are not 
on the same networks as their cable customers), and gmail fail.  It 
would seem like they're trying to connect to your secondary mail server  Which doesn't appear to be setup to relay 
mail to Nor would it be able to even if it was... just a 
thought.  Like I said previously... my assumption that comcast blocks 
incomming port 25 could be wrong.  Would need to see the full email 
headers to tell for sure.


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