Job: Part Time Software Test Technician

Doran Barton fozz at
Fri Dec 9 22:32:13 MST 2005

Hi all, I'm forwarding this message for my wife, who is a QA engineer for 
Sorenson Communications. She knows the LUG community is chock full of smart 
geeks and hopes some would be interested in a position at Sorenson 

Here's the job description:

Sorenson Communications, based in Murray, is looking to fill a Part Time 
Software Test Technician position. This job is an ideal opportunity for 
students pursuing a bachelors degree in computer science or a related field.

Software Test technicians are responsible for testing Sorenson Communications
software products and tools.  They work as members of a team to develop 
quality video relay service and IP relay service products.  They define test 
cases based on design documents, execute test cases, record and track 
defects, and prepare the products for release.

The ideal candidate should have an eye for details, the ability to compose
reports that accurately convey results of tests, and should work well in a
team environment as well as indepedently after being given direction.

Applicants should be computer ethusiasts who have a good understanding of 
networking concepts, particularly Internet networking.

Plusses include exposure to SQL, Perl, C#, previous testing experience, 
common software engineering processes, Microsoft Windows Server 2003, MS SQL 
2003/2005, and rackmount server hardware.

Pay is $15/hr. Expected committment: 25-29 hours/week.

Applicants who feel they are a good fit for this position should send a 
resume and cover letter (PDF, Word, Text, or RTF acceptable) via e-mail with 
the subject line "Part Time Software Test Technician" to:

	Skip Clavell
	Sorenson Communications
	E-mail: sclavell at

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