Groklaw dinner

Ross Werner ross at
Fri Dec 9 07:28:56 MST 2005

On Fri, 9 Dec 2005, Jason Holt wrote:
> On Fri, 9 Dec 2005, Justin Findlay wrote:
>> I've never met Frank in person, nor really anyone else that might be
>> there.  I imagine myself in some unrequited suit to pay my weighted
>> portion of Frank's dinner a desperate cause without some preconcieved
>> rally.
> A remunerative commitment vis-a-vis our dearly departed is not compulsory. It 
> is merely an elective gesture for those who would endeavor to demonstrate 
> fiduciary gratitude as well as camaraderie.

I think what Justin means is, "I show up at Fuddruckers at 6:30 ... how 
the heck do I know which group is the Pluggers?" I imagine that there will 
be enough geekiness there to make it obvious, but in the off-chance that 
that isn't so, I suggest that somebody (who's planning to be there early) 
bring some sort of Unix-related object to place on the table (a little Tux 
or something) to serve as sort of a signal to those who are perhaps not 
quite as familiar with the visages of the primary persons at this 
celebratory dinner.

 	~ Ross

p.s. Actually, this may not be what Justin meant at all. In which case, 
please ignore.

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