Windows equivalent to a Linux product?

Bill Peeler bpeeler at
Fri Dec 9 05:26:31 MST 2005

On Thu, 8 Dec 2005 21:45:38 -0700
Steve <smorrey at> wrote:


> Someone wants me to teach them a thing or three about about windows,
> and I'm glad to oblige them.  However I need to find a VNC equivalent
> for XP.  Unless there is something in windows, that I can access via
> Linux, that I can use to accomplish this.

RDP (as mentioned earlier) is my favorite.  It seems much more robust
and stable on Fedora core 4 than it used to be.  I use it daily from
core 4 to keep a view into TOOS (that other operating system) to run the
company mandated POC email/calendar system and the odd piece of software
for this or that.

Be sure to pick the RDPV5 (the option with a 5 in it ;-)) as the
protocol.  You also have to be sure rdp is enabled on the winders side. 
I can't remember where in the maze of windows menus you set that. 
Windows admins often restrict RDP with a policy.  Remember that older
versions of windows don't have RDP built in.



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