Faxing solutions

Hans Fugal hans at fugal.net
Wed Dec 7 21:37:27 MST 2005

Dr. Scott S. Jones wrote:
> Matt Bowler wrote:
>> Sorry, for taking so long,
>> I don't remember the model, maybe a high end Ricoh or Savin, but it had
>> ethernet and pots connection.  You could decide on which interface to 
>> send,
>> but obviously the ethernet is what got the best results.  Clients 
>> could also
>> fax from their desktop and send to email addresses, including 
>> distribution
>> groups.
> I have been using an efax (www.efax.com) account now for several years. 
> It's pretty reliable, though now they are discontinuing support for 
> Win98, so that client in win98se is flaky, but I'd like to find a 
> solution that works with asterisk or just something home rolled, on linux.
> Anyone have an online only fax solution? I don't want to have to own or 
> bother with a fax machine, though I have one to scan outgoing faxes 
> through.

You might consider faxaway.com. You won't get a local inbound number, 
but you can do outbound faxes in many formats with a very linux-friendly 
email interface. It's pay as you go, with $1/mo maintenance fee, which 
easily beats efax for low volume, iirc.

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