Faxing solutions

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Hope this helps.  They support web services so that's the way to go

Courtney Shoell

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Steve:  Meyers wrote:

>Dr. Scott S. Jones wrote:
>>Anyone have an online only fax solution? I don't want to have to own 
>>or bother with a fax machine, though I have one to scan outgoing faxes

>If you use j2.com, they send it as a TIFF.  You could set up a script 
>to accept the email and send the TIFF to the printer.
Alas, Steve, J2 is J2 Global, the company behind efax.com. I am already
with them. The service is OK, but I get tired of talking with the folks
in Bombay or Mumbai....when I need help.

I'll keep looking...

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