Faxing solutions

Dr. Scott S. Jones drjones at xmission.com
Wed Dec 7 15:25:00 MST 2005

Matt Bowler wrote:

>Sorry, for taking so long,
>I don't remember the model, maybe a high end Ricoh or Savin, but it had
>ethernet and pots connection.  You could decide on which interface to send,
>but obviously the ethernet is what got the best results.  Clients could also
>fax from their desktop and send to email addresses, including distribution
I have been using an efax (www.efax.com) account now for several years. 
It's pretty reliable, though now they are discontinuing support for 
Win98, so that client in win98se is flaky, but I'd like to find a 
solution that works with asterisk or just something home rolled, on linux.

Anyone have an online only fax solution? I don't want to have to own or 
bother with a fax machine, though I have one to scan outgoing faxes 


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