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Gregory Hill Gregory_Hill at tni.com
Mon Dec 5 08:41:42 MST 2005

I recommend highly AGAINST Digis Networks.  I had them for over a year,
and towards the end I'd lose my connection upwards of 10 times a day for
anywhere from several minutes to several hours.  Tech support is worse
than lousy; all they know to tell you is to unplug the satellite and
plug it back in (which hardly ever fixes anything).  I'm back on Qwest
DSL, which has been the most consistent and reliable of all the
broadband options I've tried.  When I had a cable modem through AT&T, I
had to reboot the cable modem about once a day to keep a decent latency,
and even then, I'd get huge lag spikes in online gaming.  I wish
Pleasant Grove would join UTOPIA.


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> I am in need of a temporary high-speed internet solution for the next
> few months at my home, until I can get Utopia in Phase II
> 2006). So, I want something that won't be too expensive and will allow
> me to cancel without consequence in less than a year. What do Pluggers
> recommend?
> --Dave
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