Anyone see Darl McBride?

Richard K. Miller richardkmiller at
Sun Dec 4 17:30:12 MST 2005

> Oh great decider, I tremble and cower before your greatness. I humbly
> petition your benevolent patience with my unworthy questioning, but I
> could not help but notice, oh great decider, that you did not pick a
> restaurant. Please allow me, therefore, to submit my most unworthy  
> list
> of suggestions:
> Fudd Ruckers
> Pier 49
> That little Argentinian place on State in Orem near the Sprint store.
> Tucanos
> That steak place near University mall that I haven't tried yet.
> Panda Express
> Joy Luck in Bountiful (most convenient for me)

I vote for La Carreta (the restaurant near the Sprint store.)

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