Anyone see Darl McBride?

Jason Holt jason at
Sat Dec 3 03:17:04 MST 2005

Frank Sorenson, incidentally, has been indispensible in the SCO battle.  Look 
through the groklaw archives sometime, and you'll see many, many 
transcriptions and live reports painstakingly produced by Frank.

I hereby propose an evening of SCO-bashing and other geekly revelry in honor 
of Frank (and any other local groklaw contributors who he wishes to identify), 
to happen on the night of his choosing (preferably in the next two weeks) at 
the restaurant of his choosing.  I'll buy his dinner, but anyone else who 
wants to add to the thanks can pitch in and we'll split his check.

RSVP to me via email if you want to join in, and Frank, pick a date and a 


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